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Khabarovsk - > Komsomolsk - 813 RUR Khabarovsk - > Vanino - 2140 RUR Khabarovsk - > Sovgavan - 2140 RUR Khabarovsk - > Birobidzhan - 471RUR Khabarovsk - > Dalnegorsk - 1680 RUR Khabarovsk - > Blagoveshchensk - 1819 RUR Khabarovsk - > De-Kastri - 2247 RUR Khabarovsk - > them . Polina Osipenko - 1819 RUR Khabarovsk - > Kavalerovo - 1661 RUR Khabarovsk - > Bogorodskoe - 2461 RUR Khabarovsk - > Nikolaevsk - 2461 RUR
advantages of the system

Dear passengers, on the internet portal RFBUS.RU can see the schedule of intercity buses, as well as to purchase or book a bus ticket from the comfort of your home or office!

Down the stone age!

Benefits and economic benefits of an Electronic Ticket obvious. This is a completely new way of working with the passengers, with the agency network, a fundamentally new approach to building sales. E-ticket saves time passenger, both for purchase and in making the trip. E-Ticket – a digital analog of the usual ticket, with which you just can travel in any direction, but at the same time, it has a number of significant advantages over their paper analogs.

Order! Pay! Enjoy the ride without queuing at the ticket counter!

You do not waste your time on a trip to buy a ticket to the bus station;
You can purchase a ticket via the Internet;
You will never lose an e-ticket;
You can send the route of your trip to friends and relatives in one click;
Order and payment of the electronic ticket is always easy and takes little time;
You can buy an e-ticket for yourself, for your family or friends who are in a different city.
Buying an electronic ticket – it is safe. Information is transmitted by SSL, which ensures that your data will not fall to third parties.
Currently, the e-ticket travel document recognized as legitimate in the territory of Russia. Service RFBUS happy to provide you with access to this convenient, fast and safe technology, which is used by millions of people. Electronic ticket, as a paper form is a document that certifies the conclusion of the bus transportation between the passenger and the shipping company. As a confirmation of purchase e-ticket you get the itinerary receipt, which contains complete information about the route and details of payment Trip Like a paper format. All doubts and anxiety plagued passengers only before boarding a bus at the first trip to the e-ticket. Taking full advantage of the e-ticket once, in the future you will book tickets without doubt! Site of RFBUS.RU also offers ticket reservations. Everyone will be able to choose a route, as well as get the number of seats available in the “Online”. In case of any problems or any questions, you can contact the call-center 8-800-500-5339 (toll-free in Russia).

To purchase electronic tickets must be

Pass electronic registration site RFBUS.RU and get boarding pass electronically.
Boarding the bus driver made ​​upon presentation of an electronic ticket (boarding pass) on paper (A4 size) or the mobile device and the document as proof of identity, of the e-ticket.
Or get boarding pass on the form of the travel document in the bus station ticket office.

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